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In keeping with our mission, the UPPERTONE is designed so that people with quadriplegia due to spinal injury can use it without any assistance.

You can use the UPPERTONE without any grip strength or finger movement.

Because of a unique variable resistance system, quads can even adjust the resistance without any help.

On the UPPERTONE weights are adjusted by sliding them along a track. This allows people with spinal injury or quadriplegia to adjust resistance without any help.

Because of a unique dual weight system, resistance can be independently set for the left and right sides. This allows you to compensate for any differences in strength between the two sides that often accompanies spinal injury.

On the UPPERTONE resistance can be adjusted in increments as small as an ounce. That's right, one ounce. That means you can gradually increase your strength without the risk of over straining.

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Rehabilitation System for People With C4-C5 & Below Spinal Cord Injury
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