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Al a C7 quadriplegic (tetraplegic) doing the chest press exercise

The accompanying photograph shows Al Kovac who is quadriplegic (tetraplegic) due to a C7 spinal cord injury, doing the wide grip chest press which emphasizes the frontal chest muscles (such as the Pectorals) that can be particularly useful for driving and braking, pushing wheelchairs, and pressure relief.

On the other hand, the narrow grip, changes the emphasis to the triceps.

Consequently, varying the grip-width adjusts the amount of emphasis placed on the tricep muscles. This enables people with weak and strong triceps to do this exercise.

Finally, low resistance and rapid reps provide an aerobic workout, building endurance and the aerobic capacity that people who are quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury need to push wheelchairs, or conduct other activities of daily living.

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Again because the UPPERTONE is designed for people with quadriplegia, the chest press can be done with wide and narrow grips.
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